Are you evaluating your marketing strategies and wondering if you should hire a senior living marketing agency? Here are six indicators that this would be a smart choice for your community.


You have not created formal buyer personas.

Buyer personas that are based on hunches may exist in many societies. Hunches, though, can only take you so far. In addition, hunches are frequently mistaken. Remember, if you don't even know what the "perfect" lead looks like for your community, you won't be able to produce more of them.

How an agency can assist: Creating a persona requires time and work. But a reputable marketing firm with experience in elder living can create these characteristics quickly.

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Your website does not attract different personas.

It can be the case because, as was said previously, you lack formal personalities, or the senior living website wasn't designed to engage with varied populations. Each persona should pursue their unique path and adventure with personalised information created just for them.

Remember that customer journeys are not straight lines. As much as we'd all like a website visitor to land on a respective page and proceed through the steps in the order we specify, customers frequently enter on other pages and jump around. The objective is to make it possible for prospects to take the next step that makes sense for them (even if it isn't the step you had in mind).

How an agency can help: It's important to have a website with intuitive navigation that targets your main personas. You can be sure that you have exactly that across all devices—desktops, tablets, and phones—by working with a firm with a strong website design team.

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You need a reliable system for scoring and segmenting leads.

If you don't have a mechanism to score and segment leads, it's like throwing a party at your house and not having somebody to welcome guests and show them where to go next. Perhaps one visitor needs to use the restroom, while a different one is hungry and wants to know where the buffet is.

Consider your website as a party venue and each website visitor as a party guest with a particular requirement. Additionally, not everyone has the same needs. While some people are just beginning their senior living experience, others may need to decide immediately for their parents.

How an agency can help: This is where professional agencies shine. They do more than make things pretty. However, a professional lead generation company knows that correctly scoring and segmenting the leads is the only way to properly "work" them as they come in. MQLs (marketing-qualified leads) will still be cultivated following their individual needs. On the other hand, the sales team will receive the sales-qualified leads (SQLs) for follow-up.

Sign #4:

You lack marketing automation.

Or, if you do have it, you've never utilised it or aren't getting the most out of it. Our sector has been reluctant to go on the marketing automation procession. The majority of communities are aware of what it is and its importance. But the only challenge is not every form of marketing automation is the same. Additionally, marketing automation needs human direction because it cannot set itself up.

How an agency can assist: The top senior living marketing agencies understand marketing automation, including which products or product levels will be appropriate for your community and how to set it up to maximize your marketing budget.


You need custom lead nurturing campaigns.

Marketing automation sends the right material to the right person at the right time. But who is in charge of creating the right content? Great content does not come by itself. Getting aware of your buyer persona is the critical step. Then, you are required to create content that meets their needs.

How an agency can assist: Top writers who can create content that appeals to readers and converts are typically found at great agencies. It is not a lie, though: Investments are made in creating content. It makes sense to outsource this task from a company if you don't have in-house writers.

Wrapping Up

If you are also considering hiring a senior living marketing agency. In that case, there are various agencies available that can help you to design strategies to enhance your lead-generation efforts.